Describe how you like to eat your ice cream best. 10 points to the one who makes me crave their way!?!

Question: Describe how you like to eat your ice cream best. 10 points to the one who makes me crave their way!?
By the cup, cone, scoop or straight out of the carton in front of the TV and/or with someone you love - embellish it and be creative. No Fatal Attractionists please!


If of course I am not on a diet I open up the whole vanilla ice cream carton, then cover it with chocolate fudge, then caramel, then cover the entire top with whipped cream and keep adding more until it looks like a lot more than enough , then put on rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles, then some gummy bears. And lastly a cherry on top. After that I go watch my favorite show by myself (so no one asks for a taste or steals my ice cream!). I know my mouth is watering.

I would take some warm carmel and hot fudge and put it in the bottom of a dish, then add your Vanilla ice cream, then add some more carmel and hot fudge on the top. then you could top it off with some fluffy whip cream, chopped walnuts and a nice marchino cherry! YUMMY! now i want some ice cream...and yes of course in front of the T.V. and with your lover beacuse that just makes everything perfect =)

In hot chocOlate
On fruit salad or in a smoothie or milkshake
With brownies or cake
With Pancakes or waffles!!
Ice cream with sauce and chocolate.
With soda - ice cream float

If it's Ben And jerrys, then it's right out of he pot

Usually at the table, buy sometimes while watching tv. I would mainly ear ice cream with friends.

Hagen Daaz Vanila bean ice cream in a bowl with gobs of butterscotch and salted, roasted pecans. It doesn't get any better than that. Excuse me....I have to go to the freezer now.

I put a cone in a bowl, smush it up and try to swirl the icecream into it. Maybe I'll add some cut up cookies in there too. Mmm.

in a cup with Chocolate syrup stir until soft, then freeze about ten minutes, and eat a little at a time with a teaspoon.

I get the melted chocolate and pour it over the ice cream

Then i get some bananas and chop them into slices.

I get some sweets and put them on top with a finishing of nutella


I like me some fried double chocolate fudge ice cream at coldstone with mixed york mint patties and chocolate sauce drizzled to perfection (: yumm i <3 ice cream :D

split a banan in half, put the ice cream in the middle put whipped cream and nuts with hot fudge and strawberry syrup. top it with a cherry

Chocolate ice cream in microwave until gooey. Add marshmallow creme.

Start out the carton, under the cover beside my lover.

I like it with crisp walnuts, the fluffiest homemade whipped cream, and warm caramel. Yum!

I normally just put some into a noodle bowl and use a teaspoon.

any ice cream with some sort of sugary
sweet sauce yummy

Simple in a bowl with a spoon.=)

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