What kind of snacks would I send?!

Question: What kind of snacks would I send?
I have a penpal buddy who lives in South Korea. She send me some stuff, but I have no idea what to send her. Any ideas as far as candy or cookies?


penpal wow sounds amazing and fun i love penpals cause its a way of meeting and interacting with people from all over the world well you could send her snacks and other goddies from your country because most likely south korea does not have the same snacks where your from you can send her things she has never tasted or seen and dont send any perishable food items.

jellies bellies
all american package corn dogs
chocolate bars
roll ups
natural cheese snacks
you could send her other food items like peanut butter the kind she has never tasted etc you can send her some little tiny bears like these in the link, she can place them on her bag back as stylish gifts
you could send her a diary like these




and you could send her any other gifts you choose like pencils sketch patches, a friendship ring or necklace or bands or even hair ponies

you can even make something and send it for her i bet she will love it and if she uses make up yet send her a make up bag or purse etc.
well bye hoped i helped enjoy you time


send her the snacks you like not the ones we like.

the whole idea is to get to know each other and each others culture right?
before sending anything ask about colors or images that are not allowed or traditionally perceived as bad things or not ok. sending a candy in a weird color wrapping is going to be awkward!!! lol

just try to know ahead of time of things that either are superstitious in nature or things that they feel is not cool.

I found this on the web
Writing a person's name in red ink also is a sign of death. Since white is the color of funerals, if you wear white ribbons in your hair, you're inviting death to come knocking
Avoid the number 4 at all costs. The Korean word for four is pronounced almost exactly like the word for death in the Chinese language.

and there is a lot more. just some food for thoughts

just my .02¥

Ask her, she may already know some American treats she might be happy to recieve. Otherwise, maybe send her some cool Easter candy.

I suggest dry foods or foods that dont rot easily like:
?Chocolate (Hersey, ETC..)

Jelly Bellies
Chupa Chup lollipops
Trident layers gum
gummy bears
lego candy
baby bottle pop
push pop
fruit by the foot
air heads

You could make her something very American like M&M or chocolate chip cookies.

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