Is it me or is beef jerky way too expensive?!

Question: Is it me or is beef jerky way too expensive?
Just seems like it's way too expensive these days for what you get. Seems like you only get 4 pieces and some crumbs for $6.50. So not worth it these days.


I agree, the prices of beef jerky are ridiculous.

I agree, although I love eating beef jerky. Try looking for specials because they sometimes have it on sale, probably because no one buys it from the high price. I recently bought 2 regular size bags for 5 dollars at CVS that used to be 5.30 each.

agree! Very expensive. I bought a food dehydrator for $40 and i make my own jerky. No preservatives and I can marinate the meat in all different flavors like teriyaki, pepper, mango habanero etc.

It's way too expensive. I don't even like it. I really don't get how the beef jerky companies even stay in business. I mean, how much beef jerky can you sell, anyway?

Yes! When you do the math you find out it's a very expensive meat for basically the stuff they can't do anything else with. You're way better off buying other cuts for the money.

Its expensive because its alot of meat they put in there. It may look little, but thats because they dry it out and all that, but it is a lot more than you think

you can make jerky at home in your oven and you know what is on it

I agree. I always am like "Man I haven't had jerky in years!". Walk over and look at the prices, and buy something else.

darn. should only cost under $1/ my dad treated me to that when we'd fish.

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