Do frozen bananas have the same nutritional value as non frozen bananas?!

Question: Do frozen bananas have the same nutritional value as non frozen bananas?

Nutritional value can only change if there is a chemical change. A chemical change is one one or more substances come together to create a new substance. Example: Rust.

However a physical change can be a change in appearance etc.

A frozen banana is still a banana, therefor it is a physical, not a chemical change.

And if it isn't a chemical change, there is no change in nutritional value. Same as if you break a cookie n half, it's still a cookie.

Yeah.... that makes sense.... XD

Huh.... Science actually came in handy for something.... There's a first XD

Yeah, they should. Like someone else said, if you buy it at a store they might have added preservatives. But since you are freezing them yourself, then all is well. Only the physical state of the banana had changed and the amount of nutrients should not be decreased.

chemistry, simple science

actually , no . Freezing reduces the nutritional value

Yes they do.

Do not be put off them when the skin goes black, that is quite normal.

they may put preservitives

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