What's your favourite ice cream bar? (snickers, maltesers etc)?!

Question: What's your favourite ice cream bar? (snickers, maltesers etc)?
I really like the maltesers ice cream bar, its really good!! i also prefer the snickers ice cream bar to actual snickers bars lol its a must try!! any other good ones? ooh smarties one is nice too haha xxx


I like the following UK ice creams:

-99 with a Flake on top
-Cadbury's Bournville simply dark stick

i LOVE mars bar ice cream (i wish they done a mars ice cream like they do with ben and jerrys mmmmmm yeah) i could eat loads of them .............but i hate mars bars lol

Nutty buddies=)

never heard of maltesers...
i love DQ Blizzards!

Coldstone is great for me!

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