I'm hungry! What should I buy to eat?!

Question: I'm hungry! What should I buy to eat?
Any ideas that sounds really good of what I can buy? 10 points for the best answer


DON'T GO GROCERY SHOPPING ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!!!! I mean it. Eat something before you go: banana, bread, apple, crackers, whatever. If you go shopping when you're hungry, you shop like a stoned teenager in a 7-11. Don't do it!! You'll come home with too much junk and you'll regret it. Make a shopping list of things you want to COOK and shop for those ingredients. Otherwise you might as well go to a fast-food drive-thru.

in my opinion u should buy bread, vegetables, meat, fish, chocolate, candies, cereals... why not if you′re starving? I usually spend a lot of money in the supermarket. I eat a lot, in fact I need a diet because I usually eat a lot of candies. Food is a pleasure for me!

Deep fried oysters with a curried rice roll and chips.

french toast with strawberries.

carne asada fries..............if you live in san diego

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