Is it ok to sell baked goods at a garage/yard sale?!

Question: Is it ok to sell baked goods at a garage/yard sale?
My husbands family is planning on having a yard sale soon and I already have a bunch of stuff to put in there, but his family is in NEED of money. Would it be ok to add baked goods to the yard sale to help them out and if so, how much would you price a cupcake or brownies? what all would you suggest i to make. I already have a coconut cupcake in mind and i can half that batter and make regular vanilla cupcakes as well or add chocolate and have chocolate cupcakes. What else would you suggest?

thanks in advance for answers/opinions!


I think it's a great idea. I'm not a shopper, and I ALWAYS get sucked in by the bake sale when I'm forced to tag along with flea marketers and yard sale hoppers. One clever way of selling baked goods for a decent profit is to sell small bags of cookies (3 or 4 to a bag) instead of trying to sell them one at a time. I don't know what the going rate in your town is for a good brownie or cupcake (if you're using a boxed mix and canned frosting, I wouldn't gouge them too much or they'll feel ripped-off). I found a great cupcake shop in NYC that makes excellent cupcakes from scratch and they go for over $3.00 each--but they're WORTH it and there's a line out the door. If you're going to charge a lot, make it worth the price!

p.s. I love coconut, but a lot of people don't. Make more chocolate/vanilla; they're crowd-pleasers.

My sister in-law did the same exact thing. It was during a street sale she had stuff in her front yard she was selling along with food items along with bake goods. Well 30 minutes later a state trooper pulled up asked for her health department license she didn't have one and got fined $900.00....just a thought

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sure it will be just fine

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