What are your top 4 favorite beans?!

Question: What are your top 4 favorite beans?
Here are mine:
4.Black Beans
3.Refried Beans
2.Garbanzo Beans


Heinz's baked beans
Runner beans
Mung beans
Lentils/chick peas

(1) The orignal tomBaker Doctor who Jelly Beans (not available here any more and I am still mourning).
(2) My friends refried beans - talk about heaven.......
(3) Broad Beans - despite my friends g/f whingeing they make him fart
(4) Kidney beans - pan cooked with sausages and onions - or in a enchilada.
(5) Black beans - awesome ingredient in any asian dish - I would marry a girl whose father owned a black bean factory.

note never salt beans while cooking - makes them tough/chewy.

Canellini beans, azuki beans, garbanzo beans, and mung beans.

1. Yellow jelly beans
2. Red jelly beans
3. Green jelly beans
4. Pink jelly beans.

jelly beans
Boston baked beans
barbq beans
and black beans

Small red kidneys...for red beans and rice
Black beans
pinto beans
navy beans

I only eat them, not christen them love

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