Did I eat too much...?!

Question: Did I eat too much...?
This is seriously bothering me :/
I'm having issues...going to this anorexia therapy place Wednesday so this isn't a stupid attention thing.

Breakfast: nutrigrain bar (120cal)

Lunch/Dinner: went to Olive Garden
One piece of flatbread appetizer (whole thing is 600? mayeb this was 200cal)
Some of the salad (only lettuce, a tomato, and two onions - 300cal?)
Apricot Chicken (380cal)

Snack: Hershey bar (210cal)


It seems you ate a total of 910 calorie in a day, which is less than half of what you likely need. Food intake can vary depending on metabolic rate, exercise amounts, and so on, but you probably need at least 2000 calories/day. Also, breakfast ought to to be the largest meal of the day. And I would recommend that you eat more, but snack on something healthy, such as apples or nuts, as opposed to milk chocolate, which has little nutritional value.

Are you trying to get someone to tell you that small amount of food you ate was the "Perfect Portions?"
Seriously, you know the most of the population eat 900 calories* in one meal.
I appreciate your courage and thank you for going.

*There are 1,350 calories in the McDonald's Big Mac Meal (large Sized)

As long as you have a decent evening meal you are barely covering your daily requirement.
Without knowing more I would say you need more to eat at breakfast and lunch and perhaps a little less for dinner.

Don't eat too much.

No your fine thats only 910 cals added up you did good :)

you have to know that is not a lot of
food unless you have down syndrome

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