What is the nastiest food?!

Question: What is the nastiest food?
I don't know about you.... but every morning I eat raw horse flesh ice cream.
My friend and I were talking about the crazy kind of foods there are and I remembered(and slightly vomited) Raw Horse flesh ice cream! I've heard of some pretty bad foods....but this one wins. Is it yummy?


so I was just wondering if anyone can think of a food that's more hurtful to my eyes than this?

on a side note.... I'm making monday my *****


On a recent trip to Paris, my brother texted me the following;

"I have met Satan in his culinary form. His name is andouillette."

It's a traditional French sausage, the casing of which is pig intestine. So far so good, that's usual for lots of sausages. But what's inside it? Sliced pig stomach and the LOWER intestine of the pig. You know, the nasty end of the digestive system...

It arrived at the table accompanied by fried potatoes and a mustard sauce. The sauce was there for a reason; it was the only thing that could kill the undertaste of faeces which permeated the entire dish.

The smell? Once it was cut open, the rank barnyard smell of the pig sty wafted out and everyone at the table got an eye-watering noseful.

If I am ever in a position to try it, I'm in two minds about the whole thing. I pride myself on trying any food at least once, but this might be pushing it!

Black jelly beans *shiver*


it depend who and when eat it

hot pepper

I haven't tried yet this kind of food.

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