Is this a bad piece of chicken?!

Question: Is this a bad piece of chicken?
I just took a chicken breast out of the freezer , i was just gonna cook it but I just noticed that it looks kinda strange... Part of the chicken looks really white, like someone cooked one side for a couple of minutes and then put it in the freezer . I always but flash frozen chicken and i bought it yesterday (sold frozen) . It's good till the 26. Could it be freezer burnt. Oh and I just turned the chicken around again and one side looks a tiny bit brown?!? What should I do is it safe to eat. Should I look at it again once I defrost it??? Thanks for the help..

Now if this doesn't work it need to cook something else for dinner...

Sorry I keep asking this I'm kinda in a hurry for dinner


wait for it to defrost then look

kid who loves to cook

It sounds kind of like it hasnt properly defrosted. But if you are sure it is defrosted fully then dont cook it, it could be anything and chicken carries harmful salmonella bacteria anyway I would be very cautious about it.
If it hasnt been fully defrosted then let it sit and defrost for the maximum recommended time and see again, if still similar or the same then bin it. In theory frozen in date chicken should be alright :)

I'm extremely cautious with foods.

i would say not to eat it ok

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