Dangerous Microwave Radiation?!

Question: Dangerous Microwave Radiation?
My microwave broke a few days ago, but when I still had it I stuck most of my kitchen manuals and miscellaneous items in-between the little wood sector that the microwave lies inside of. Now that I took the microwave out, the papers that were sitting up against it are all wrinkled and a roasted color. Is this due to radiation, and if so, are they safe to to read.


The paper was damaged not due to radiation, but simply because of heat. The outside of the microwave naturally warms up through convection, this is normal and has nothing to do with radiation.

That is really strange...because if you put paper in a microwave, it doesn't burn it or cook it at all. Microwaves are lower-energy waves than visible light, but obviously there is a very large quantity of them hitting the food in order to get the heated effect.

Wild guess -- could the papers be that color from grease that is passing through the ventilation system? I don't know, that is a really interesting and scary observation.

You have 6 days to live.

Use them wisely.

I'm a doctor.

You must fix it,I think it is very dangerous.

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