I had an interview today at McDonalds?!

Question: I had an interview today at McDonalds?
I had an interview today at McDonalds, The hiring managers(Yes, There was 2) asked me some questions, and I answered them like a normal person would. They read over my application, wrote down some comments(I couldn't see them). Then at the end of the interview they said I have an orientation tomorrow, Does that mean I got the job? I'm confused, Please help. No answers saying anything like, "Eww Why would you want to work there?" or "You'll find out tomorrow, Now won't you?"... Nothing like that please. I'm only 16, It's only a job, not my career for life. Also, If any of you have had an orientation at McDonalds, Please let me know what its like and what I have to do. Thankyou, Bye.


From a Manager in the Food Industry to you: Congratulations! You just got your 1st job!

Fast food is actually one of the best places to start out on your first job teaches you a lot of work ethics that you will need when you have a better job in the future and yes you have the job orientation should be paid also so good job regardless where its at. I didnt have orentation when I worked there but that was 5 years ago things prolly have changed

I would say you will have a job.

They will show you your duties in what ever position they are hiring you for, Health and Safety, Cash and Charging management, serving an aptitude, uniforms rule etc.

Expect to listen to a lot that you will be told and explained.

Dude, i know people who are making six figures working for mcdonalds. There is no shame in working for a living. If they said you have an orientation, then you are hired and I'd show up for it. Exceed their expectations. Don't try to make them proud, make yourself proud.

As a restaurant owner, you have the job. Remember, if you don't ask questions, they assume you understand what is being taught. If you don't understand something, ask. Ther is no question too stupid, if you need to know the answer

Yes i think you got the job because orientation is on the job training, i do believe. Your welcome

Yes , You got the job. Congrats, Best of luck for future.

You've got the job. Good luck! Keep your grades up! :)

You're in and I'm sure you'll be paid for the orientation. Good luck! :)

AW! good job you scored a job

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