I ate cheesecake 6 hours or so after it defrosted on the counter?!

Question: I ate cheesecake 6 hours or so after it defrosted on the counter?
Am I going to be alright?
I didnt have half a cake of it I had a relatively small slice, its at the point where its gone a little soggy like it does but still tastes alright, it was just soft.
We had it left out on the counter while making dinner with the steamer on etc so it was warm while it was defrosting and was fairly warm in the kitchen since (cooled down a bit now)
Am I going to wake up later on sick? :( no silly answers I'm actually worried


Absolutely not -- 6 hours isn't long enough for it to go bad. I've seen people eat pizza after it had been sitting out overnight, and nothing bad happened to them. You are being paranoid.

I'm sure you are o.k. Lets see--it probably took one or two hours to thaw completely and probably another hour to get warm, so really it only was warm about 3 hours max. The worst that can happen is you might end up in the bathroom a time or two but, I don't think you will..

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… your going to become satin


Of course it will be ok. and you will not get ill.

I did that once too, and I was fine.

You are fine.

No .. You shall Survive and Be Fine

i ate before, but nothing happend to me

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