How do you prefer your oysters - fresh or cooked?!

Question: How do you prefer your oysters - fresh or cooked?
Hi. i am a pro. chef, and have eaten many things that some people may consider strange or unusual, so i do not have a shy palette at all. I cannot, however, get to grips with fresh oysters. I love them cooked - combined with meat in pies, oyster sauce is amazing..etc. I have been slightly mocked by some of my peers and french family over the years for not developing a love of fresh. How do YOU enjoy your oysters. Lemon or Chili? do you chew a bit or just swallow?? Please let me know if i am not the only philistine out there who prefers them cooked. Thank you. Bon ap!!


I like them both ways, but better raw for some reason, with just a dob of cocktail sauce. And I chew them slightly first so I can actually taste them.

My tummy =)

I prefer them cooked in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then dipped in lemon juice( squeezed by fresh lemons). If you like, add green onions. Drinking red wine makes it taste even better.

Fresh with lemon, I chew them also. I like them cooked but I prefer raw.

I like them both ways and usually I eat them on a saltine cracker with cocktail sauce on top!

Sorry, I cannot bring myself to eat a ball of snot.




Fresh, with lemon or lime juice.

Fresh with cocktail sauce and beer to drink : )

I prefer mine to be left in the sea .


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