How do you make a banana and peach smoothie?!

Question: How do you make a banana and peach smoothie?
Please i want to eat healthy

And please no crude nad or rude comments thank you


You start with a non-flavored (or plain) greek yogurt (about sixteen ounces should do). One banana and one whole peach (minus the pit) should suffice to flavor the yogurt. Blend it with about a half cup of ice and that should do it. Greek yogurt is a healthy alternative to sugared and flavored yogurts, so stock up if you plan on making lots of smoothies!! You probably want to alter the recipe to your own tastes (if you like more peach than banana, for instance).
Hope this helps!


Start with a base, orange juice is always good! But since you want it to be healthy make sure you get 100% orange juice with no sugar added! Then add a bannana, cut up some peaches (be sure to wash them) and add those, put this all in a blender, with an egg or unflavored protein powder in the shake, some yogurt and your good to go! Good luck!

Stick your Bananas and peaches into a blender and turn it on.

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