Chcolate-covered expresso beans?!

Question: Chcolate-covered expresso beans?
So I heard that coffee beans contain oils that can raise cholesterol and are overall pretty bad for you, unless you brew coffee with a paper filter which filters out the oils, but the next time we go skiing my mom wants to bring roasted chocolate covered espresso beans because it's way less obnoxious to pop a bean or two in your mouth than bring along a cup of coffee on a 2 hour freezing cold car drive. But it sounds like it would be bad for you? Idk...


So, I worked for many years fishing in Alaska and we use to eat those things all day long. No time to make coffee, no milk, and you'd spill it everywhere but the chocolate covered beans we could keep in our deck tool locker and it didn't matter if they got cold or not and they were always there and always ready to eat. This was 8 years ago. So far no visible side affects other than a horrendous addiction to chocolate covered coffee beans.

Well sometimes indulgence is good. Plus they taste pretty good.

Far as i can tell, when you bake coffee beans you get some of the oils out of them through that means.

they are delicious

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