Can eating hot dogs a little undercooked make you sick?!

Question: Can eating hot dogs a little undercooked make you sick?
I made hot dogs but they don't taste right so I think they're a little undercooked. Can eating them make me sick?


I think a lot depends on how they have been stored. Hot dogs are fully cooked when you buy them. You only need to put them in boiling water for a few minutes because all you are doing is heating them through.
But the great thing about heating things, is that a lot of bacteria can't survive high temperatures so if you haven't stored them well, that boiling water can save you.

not at all, when i was little i used to eat them right out of the package and i never got sick, lol, weird i know, but still, there's nothing wrong with them =)

past experience

No it won't make you sick unless it is old and or bad. I eat raw hot dogs all the time and I have sense i was a kid. My daughter eats them a lot to. And we have never got sick from them

Depends if you have brought the Hot Dog to 145 degrees F. Then you are in the safe, but if you havent you might get food poisoning.

Uncooked hot dogs can make you sick but they should be cooked properly to avoid the risk of getting sick. By sick I mean stomach ache.

Most hot dogs are pre cooked so you can eat them cold if you wanted to.

nope. dont worry about it. hotdogs are precooked. the only way u would get sick is if they sat on the counter for say more than 5 hours .........but i would prob eatem anyway.

Hot dogs are fully cooked already. You are just heating them up. If they don't taste/smell right they are probably old.

News Flash!!

Hot dogs are already fully cooked

i eat cold hotdogs all the time, as long as you dont go on a uncooked hotdog bunge... i think you'll be fine (:

yes yes annnd yes!! dont get use to it

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