How do I get a coconut out of a cave?!

Question: How do I get a coconut out of a cave?
I'm standing on the outside of a cave, and this prehistoric man is standing out side of the cave hitting his chest. I really want to get my coconuts out of the cave, but apparently it is his cave. I need advice quick. He is after me.


im sorry dude, there is no escape to the prehistoric man with the coconut in his cave.

If he's after you then run away, when you get far enough away run back to the cave and take the coconuts before he catches up. Then run away again.

Stop dreaming or toss him a hand grenade!


You must have a big cave since he's able to get his two coconuts deep in your cave.

Flirt with him

hahahaha. wow u must be drunk or just bored. :P

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