What are great healthy yummy foods or snacks?!

Question: What are great healthy yummy foods or snacks?
I wan to just chill out with the junk food process and fast food too.any suggestions please thankyou.


fruits! Grapefruit, pomegranate, etc. are very good for you. Watermelons fill you up and very healthy. Maybe some healthy cereal like special K with more fruit! Walnuts.

If you're really craving chips, Sensible Portions Veggie Straws are delicious, crisp, baked (not fried), and perfectly salted! Of course it's not exactly "healthy" because of the potato flour, but its only 130 calories per 38 straws and by no means "unhealthy". Great alternative for potato chips and you can eat it in moderation.

I got a huge bag from Costco and it only cost me $4-5. Everyone is in love with it.

i'm really into dried fruits at the moment, which are great for snacking and good if you like sweet things too, because they have a lot of natural sugars. try dried mango or cranberries, or just a traditional trailmix.

cheese and crackers, salad, soup, chili

maybe a soup or something like that.

Wheat Thins!!

umm a ice cream bar.

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