Which is more yummy??..Snickers or twix?!

Question: Which is more yummy??..Snickers or twix?
Snickers vs Twix

Snickers: hey twix, isnt it great to being living large?
Twix: yep
Snickers: i mean, everyone likes us
Twix: yep
Snickers: but of course they like me better u know
Twix: nope
Snickers: what!! of course they do because i'm the greatest snack when you're hungry
Twix: nope
Snickers: grrrrr....every bite of me is filled with favor you cant compare
Twix: nope
Snickers: cant u say anything else?
Twix: yep
Snickers: what else can you say?
Twix: nah
Snickers: grrrrr

~joking but i think twix is the best but what do u think?
~thanks to all answers and stars


Man im sorry but twix would destroy snickers at anything.



twixx:) especially the java twix bars

Snickers because it has nuts in it.

Twix they're so crunchy & yummy

snickers ! :)


Twix <3

But I LOVE them both though!!


Snickers all the way! :)

Twix, man, all the way!

Mike G.

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