how long do you eat deli cold cuts? do you buy these for one day use or what?!

Question: How long do you eat deli cold cuts? do you buy these for one day use or what?

I keep it in a sealed plastic bag or container for no more than 3 days. Any longer bacteria starts growing

Depends what kind of deli meat. Hard salami, for example, lasts for like a week, whereas sliced turkey has a life of around 3 - 4 days. Bottom line - if it smells and looks fine, it probably is. Once it smells "off", it's time to toss. Really, all those meats have so much salt and nitrates in them for preservation, they'll be fine for several days.

Those things are so full of preservatives that they will last about a week in your fridge unless you are buying Boars Head brand meats then only 3-4 days.

put the extra cold cuts in a zip lock bag. i keep mine for 2 days for freshness.

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I keep it as long a month or so.

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