What makes Greek yogurt Greek?!

Question: What makes Greek yogurt Greek?

Greek Yogurt is processed in a way so that it has less water content so it is thicker and creamier. contradictory to some of the answers, it is the process that makes it Greek Yogurt. While you can get it made with goats milk, greek yogurt in the US is most often made with cows milk. In Greece, yogurt is usually made with sheep's milk.

What I think is important is the thickness. Then it becomes the substitution for sour cream or mayonnaise. The cooking shows I have seen that use it in a recipe suggest that if you cannot find it, you can get regular plain yogurt, and strain it using cheesecloth or paper towels or a coffee filter. Here are some nice pictures how to do it.


It's just a modern version of the yogurt Greeks first made. It's processed a bit different than the ordinary yogurt to ensure a thick creamy texture

I love Greek yogurt

Its sour from the goat milk
i dont like it :P


Not sweet or salty, very milk - tasty!

Goat's milk

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