What is a good balanced diet? meal ideas?!

Question: What is a good balanced diet? meal ideas?
I usually have something small for breakfast if anything and try to have something decent for lunch and my biggest meal is dinner. Breakfast is usually a packet of quaker oatmeal or toast or a carnations breakfast drink. Lunch is a 90 second in the microwave package of rice or sometimes cup-a-soup or a granola bar and fruit cups or apple and banana. once in a while ill have a salad but not often. im not big on sandwiches. The only deli meat i like is turkey or chicken. wraps are ok. the only meat i eat is white meat chicken and turkey, ground beef, fast food burgers, pork chops, and bacon (sometimes) that may seem like most meat to some people and not much to others. I try not to eat a lot of processed or greasy foods.

I pretty much need a meal plan for the week. breakfast and lunch needs to be simple. Im ok for drinks tho, i take Gatorade, water or juice. And have milk at home. I love pasta, salad and pizza.


You're better off having a huge breakfast than a tiny one.

A big one would keep you nice and full, and less likely to eat a bunch of sweets later in the day.

Eat the pizza in moderation since its high in fat and sodium. Sodium actually contributes to getting fat because it retains water.

Maybe stick with the lower sugar gatorades.

Instead of putting mayo on a sandwich, as an example - you could put mashed up avacados instead.

Avocados are a nearly perfect food.

Fruit cups probably have too much sugar overall because of the juices in it - reduced vitamins too because of preservatives.

When you drink juices maybe dilute it w/ some water... same calories, more fluids, not too sweet!

Putting lean chicken and more ingredients on your salad will help it taste more interesting as well as keep you full.

Eat healthier without feeling overwhelmed:

have a good break fast

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