what does taint taste like?!

Question: What does taint taste like?
My friend said I don't know what I'm missing? I don't know what taint is I think it's like chicken. I was wondering what it tastes like before i order it at the resteraunt.



There will be many tastes to taint, depending on how old it is and the person producing it.
Taint Cake
A crusty, rancid, solid or semi-solid deposit left usually on the front rim of a toilet seat. This is usually caused by a person who does not properly or adequately wash the space between their genitalia and anus (i.e. "taint") and, hence, the residue from said area is smeared across the seat and incubated (or "caked") onto the seat so badly that usually a vigorous scrubbing is needed to remove the viscous substance.

Something horrifically undesirable. Most often used to describe a taste or smell.

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