Is it weird that I enjoy bread by itself?!

Question: Is it weird that I enjoy bread by itself?
Like, with nothing on it. Not even butter.


no, i like munching on bread as it tastes nice on its own and without the butter its less calories, salt and fat etc :-)

Nothing wrong with it, everyone has their own taste. Since bread becomes starch after a while, it begns to taste good and sugary so i can see why you like the taste. Don'tt letothers tell you how you should eat, eatting is to be enjoyed not structured.

yes that is weird goddamn
actually im pretty sure that is a condition my uncle tom used to eat bread by itself all the time and then he drove his car into disneyland and didnt come back
my mum says we should always remember him at his best

Not at all. Every now and then I prefer to just eat a slice of bread by itself. Although butter makes it taste more delightful most of the time for me. :)

No. I use to eat plain bread all the time, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, all.

I expect the bread would like some companionship, though!

Plain bread is awesome.

No it's not weird. I do that sometimes.

no. it's not. i love eat bread that way, too. aww so hungry

Carbs... yumm.

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