Do you have a cereal every morning or not?!

Question: Do you have a cereal every morning or not?
whats your favourite


I don't like cereal it doesn't fill me up. I'm an active person, I go out and about, I burn so much energy that I need a heavy breakfast to keep me going for the rest of the day.

I don't usually have cereal sometimes I have chicken nuggets and pies sometimes a sandwich or toast sometimes even wonton soup!

go to… to see what a wonton is

Some days.
Then it's usually all bran, cornflakes, mini fruit and nut weetabix, honey cheerios or cinnamon swirl.

Some days I have oatmeal
Or yoghurt and chopped fruit (fruit salad)
Or toast!!

I'm a breakfast lover?!!!

No, but i usually have a bowl in the evening. Kellogs Frosties are my favourite.

No, used to have Honey Bunches of Oats every morning. Now toast and coffee.

Every morning mostly. Fills me up til dinner time

My tummy is little

3 times + 2 porridge regular,.

Yes, hot cereals preferably.
No processed stuff =O

Yes. toor dal almost alternate days.

most of the time. Cheerios

no just black coffee

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