Is this milk still good or bad? (9 days before expiration)?!

Question: Is this milk still good or bad? (9 days before expiration)?
I've been buying milk almost everytime at Walmart and this is not the first time that this happened it always does:

It simply says Best By 04 / 07 / 11

But everytime I take a sniff around the cap area it smells kinda funny like it just doesn't smell good. However, when I pour the milk into a cup or bowl I don't smell anythng bad at all. It's just like after opening a new milk. I'm not sure but I don't think I smell anything after opening new milk but some people say your suppose to smell something sweet.

About the taste I'm not really sure but it taste kinda okay (I already tasted very bad milk before and I know that taste but it just doesn't feel like this one)

I'm not trying to be cheap or lazy to get a new milk at the store but I would really like to know what I should do for the next time I buy milk if it's good or bad.


Is there, for want of a better phrase, crusty bits around the rim of the cap? It's possible milk has remained on the rim of the cap as you pour it and when you put the cap back on the bits of milk stay on the rim and then dry. This would account for the bad smell.

Johan is basically right. The crusty stuff is just dried milk from the filling of the jug. Milk will sometime get a sour smell around the cap. That is normal. Milk is normally good for 7 to 10 days past the date, depending on how it is kept and if it is whole milk or skim or % something. Smell and taste can be different if it is organic or a more natural milk. This is due to the lake of hormones given to the cows.

If you pour it and it doesn't taste bad, then there is no problem. Fridges are supposed to be a t 38-40 degrees. If you keep it at 34-36 degrees, you can get an extra 10 days of shelf life from your milk and about two weeks on yoghurt (assuming you did not leave it in your car for a couple of hours in the heat or at room temperature

if you are saying that after opening the can it doesn't smell bad then dint change it but if you feel that it is good to change then change it and taste a new one and compare the taste of first one and new and take your decision according to your test which you like

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