Whats wrong with Burger Kings Ham, Egg, n`Cheese Breakfast Sandwich?!

Question: Whats wrong with Burger Kings Ham, Egg, n`Cheese Breakfast Sandwich?
Its not on the menu anylonger at BurgerKing in Valdosta, Ga. I would believe Hardees would prob. Like to thankyou for taking that breakfast sandwich off your menu. BECAUSE HARDEES NOW HAS MY MONEY FOR BREAKFAST NOT YOU!!! Does anyone understand why a rest. would take one of the most popular breakfast sandwiches off their menu? I dont get it, but like I said, Hardees Im sure thanks you, I usually order 8 sandwiches three times a week for school age children on our commute to school, now we go to hardees.


try this. on the weekend, buy all your stuff and set up an assembly line and make your own. then wrap them in wax paper and insert them in ziploc baggies and freeze them. take some out of the ziplocs the night before and then, in the morning, nuke them while still in the wax paper wrapper.
its easier, TONS cheaper, perhaps a task your kids can take turns doing, and way healthier.
get your meat and cheese slices at a deli and have them cut it in the same thickness as BK does.

It is on other menu's (Dallas, for example). As a former burger flipper, my guess is that they took it temporarily off the menu to put something else on. Just let the manager know that he is losing business with that menu option deletion, and they will bring it back if they hear that enough. They hope to get new people into the store by offering new menu items, but they also need to keep current customers by providing their favorites too. It is a business.

burgerking food is disgusting. sometimes it taste good but when you think in your head of what your eating you get grossed out. i hate their nasty burgers and french fries. its so unhealthy and just gross. it made me breakout when i eat it. id rather eat at mc donalds their french friees rock!

You buy junk food with additives and HFCS for children 3X a week?

Time for that change. Take the note from the Universe and eat bananas with wholewheat bagels.

If you are feeding your children that crap 3 days a week there are larger issues here.

idk maybe they just wanted to try something new for a while. and also that mess is very bad for you.

Way too fatty for breakfast!!


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