What can i do to prevent the fruit from turning brown?!

Question: What can i do to prevent the fruit from turning brown?
at night i cut up fruit and put it in a container for my lunch the next day and once the air gets to it it turns brown and starts to taste bad. is there a way i can prevent that from happening? i heard lemon juice works for apples but i dont like the flavor and also lemon juice wouldnt be good on bananas or nectarines or plums etc.


You can use any citrus fruit to prevent oxidization on apples etc. and I would take the banana whole and cut it in just before you eat it, I personally don't like how soggy bananas get in a salad that isn't getting consumed right away. p.s. you can always use lemon juice and rinse it off before you eat if you don't like it.

I go with the lemon juice method for most things, 90% of the time I eat whole fresh fruit so it doesn't go brown before being eaten.
Aside from just eating whole fruits getting a dehydrator is great, dehydrate the ones you hate turning brown and add them to the juice covered ones when you're ready for lunch..it changes the taste/texture a little but usually in a good way I find.

I've heard that if you wrap the fruit in tinfoil it helps it stay fresh for longer. I have also heard that you can cut the fruit in water and then store it in water until you are ready to eat it.

well i think that apple juice works and vinegar but also salt but i prefer is lemon juice and the #1 recommended preserver from an experiment is lemon juice and its healthy and natural

Hi Never thoughtless, ypou couldcover it with orange juice or any juice you like,scoop out the fruit and drink the juice. I hope this helps,all the best. Rab

I am a Chef.

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