What to have for lunch?!

Question: What to have for lunch?
Well, I'm home alone, and fancy making something a bit different for lunch today.

I've got most of the basic stuff although, we don't have eggs in the house, as my mums allergic.

Any ideas? Sandwiches, salads, anything random :)

thanks for any help!


potato soup . need a recipe just email me i make killer potato soup

Artichoke salad.

Grilled chicken and Basmati rice.

Sweet potato soup with shredded chicken.

Avocado soup with parmesan flarns.

Puff pastry filled with mozzarella, spring onion, tomatoes, asparagus and gorgonzola wih new potatoes, pastrami and salad.

Edamame beans with chilli salt.

Herring soup. I don't know.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
This is what I always eat when I do not know what i want.
Marmite sandwich also sounds good


cheese sandwich is always good

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