Smoothies or shakes, which is your preference?!

Question: Smoothies or shakes, which is your preference?
and why?

I prefer smoothies :) they are healthier and tastier in my opinion


It really depends! If I'm in the mood for something fruity, I like smoothies. If I'm in the mood for something decadent, I like shakes. I do try to drink smoothies more often then shakes though, because they are soo much healthier.

I love smooties, at places like Jumba Juice, all for throwing fruit in a blender. In the morning I like to make fruit smoothie/shakes with fruit, juice and rice powder. (we used to use Whey but then found out that its milk plasma and replaced it.)

shakes!!! especially from mcdonalds, i drink about 3 of them eveyday :D

i'm 16, weigh 286 pounds and I have no idea why...

My fave are shakes! And yes u r right, smothies r healthier because they r made w water & shakes r made w milk!! Which makes them yummier 2 me =D

it depends on the flavor for if it was chocolate, shake...if it was strawberry,smoothie
but health wise a smoothie is better for you

smoothies! :)
strawberry banana is my favourite :)

Chocolate Shakes and Berry Best Smoothies!

Sher, I am from the old days of Rock N Roll, and drive in diners, I have to go with shakes on this one.

Shakes, I don't like the texture of the fruit in smoothies.

i say both they both taste good

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