Digestives, Chocolate Chips, or Cookies.?!

Question: Digestives, Chocolate Chips, or Cookies.?

Chocolate chips, delicious.

cookies... love dipping them in milk/coffee/tea or hot choclate!!
my favourite are the HUGE ones... either double chocolate chip(both white and milk) or orange and chocolate cookies!!

they make me smile, and make my tummy feel good!

digestives.. i've wondered before why noones ever done white chocolate coated biscuits, like rich tea or white choc digestives.... they do milk and dark, but never white, shame cos i think thatd be PERFECTION! no stealing my idea! :O

The chocolate digestive has been named as the nation's favourite dunking biscuit in a poll.
and its mine also yummy))



choc digestives?? hm... if not oreo cookies dudeee

Chocolate chip cookies <3

Chocolate chips. Yummy ;)


Chocolate Chips please.........

Chocolate chips all the way

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