What do truffles taste like?!

Question: What do truffles taste like?
I saw this thing in my old world records book and I saw that the most expensive burger was served with black truffle, which I read is a fungus. What does it taste like, does it taste like mushrooms?


Nut really like a mushroom, more earthy.

They say it tastes like "Angel Poop" (because it's so divine, but sort of looks like little black turds). LOL

Seriously though, they are *sort of* in the mushroom-y family of tastes, but they are much richer, darker, much more earthy. Like if you took a mushroom and magnified it 100 times. The aroma itself sort of goes strait up your nose. Truffles are really expensive, but you can buy truffle infused olive oil for under $20 a bottle - give it a shot, the taste and smell of the infused oil will give you a better idea of what truffles are like. Drizzle a little of the oil on top of dishes like salads, risottos, poached eggs on toast, or on plain pasta with parmesan cheese.

>I understand they are slightly nutty and mild.

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