Energy drink question (serious)?!

Question: Energy drink question (serious)?
My friend drinks about 4 Rockstar energy drinks every day. He misses a couple days every now and then but usually 5-6 out of 7 days a week he has 4 of these drinks a day. What are the short-term and long-term effects of this? I'm sorta afraid for him. He is 17 btw.


The biggest concern is that the long term effects haven't been researched enough to actually say " this will happen..". The FDA and multiple other private researchers have done loads of research on the herbal supplements they put into the cans, but they have only looked at them apart form each other. No one really knows what they do together in the long term. However, it is possible to OD on energy drinks to the point of convulsions. I would say your friends heart, adrenal, and hepatic systems are probably feeling like he hates them. I would say he should cut down due to the nutritional complications of long term high dose refined sugars, like diabetes Type II.

Your friend should not be drinking more than 2 per day and that is several hours apart. Rockstar has more calories and sugar than any of the main selling energy drinks out there. Have him take a look at Crave Energy much less calories and sugar but packs a long source of energy.…

That is a great deal of caffeine! Hearts beat faster and harder when under the influence of this chemical. Caffeine is also addictive. Refined sugars aren't good for a body either.

They can cause heart attacks and diabetes. The short-term effects are inability to sleep, obesity (from all the sugars and calories) and migraines when energy drinks are not consumed.

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