I want to buy foreign candy but don't want radiation?!

Question: I want to buy foreign candy but don't want radiation?
So there's this awesomely delicious looking Jappo candy but I don't want to die from radiation or get liver damage... what should i do? Should i ask the vendor if it was imported before Japan was so radioactive?


you are exposed to radiation from everything around you
try the water you drink - the light you see - the air you breath - the sun burns your skin (radiation) - the clothing you wear - ALL the food you eat . . .

By the way - - ! ! - - I take offense at your "Jappo candy" as Rude - Insulting - derogatory - - and should report you - - but that may be a brand name also

Don't be silly. A tiny bit of Japan has some radioactivity, nowhere near major centres of population. Grow up and stop believing the stupid red top hype

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