How come I get so sleepy after I eat?!

Question: How come I get so sleepy after I eat?
I just stuffed my face, and as usual, I'm wanting a nap (:


hey i found some sources that could help, it depends on what you eat & how you eat..
if you're still curious, maybe you should ask your doctor
hope this helped hun(:……

here's more sources if u want to know more:…

All your energy goes to your stomach to digest such a large meal, to the detriment of everything else.

Try eating smaller amounts more often. Have a mid-morning snack - fruit and cottage cheese for example, a light lunch such as a chicken salad and an afternoon snack such as cheese and biscuits and you will not feel so sleepy.

i think its cause it takes alot of energy to digest your food so it causes you to get sleepy. im tired too and i just ate

most ppl get sleepy. i ready for a nap, too

Your stomach requires more blood to transfer the nutrients to the locations that it will need to go.
Hence, there is less blood flowing to your brain. As a result, you can process information at a much slower rate.

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