Chocolate doesn't taste right!?!

Question: Chocolate doesn't taste right!?
I bought a chocolate bar at the store, and I ate it, and it had a minty taste! It didn't taste like chocolate at all! Please help me! Is something wrong with my taste buds??


no, sometimes chocolate bars don't taste right, also some times candy get mixed in factories maybe some mint from a different candy go onto it.

seriously don't worry about it and if their was something wrong with you taste buds you wouldn't be able to taste the chocolate at all it will taste like nothing.

personal experience

nothing is wrong...candy bars are made in factories and sometimes other flavors that the company produces mix in with ones they aren't supposed to. that's probably what happened to your candy bar ... or maybe there was too much mint in a mint chocolate bar and it was labled milk or dark chocolate whatever it is

It could simply have been stored with products with a mint flavor such as gum or breath mints. Stores are not always as strict about that as they should be. I'm sure it was fine. If it didn't have a rancid smell or flavor, nothing will happen to you

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