What are some foods that can help me go to the bathroom faster?!

Question: What are some foods that can help me go to the bathroom faster?
HI! Sorry if this is a little disgusting.

I eat dinner around 6PM; and I don't usually have to go "number 2" until the next day. And it usually happens during school which is really annoying. I would be in class or the hallways and next thing you know, my stomach doesn't feel good.

So, are there any food to eat after dinner that can help me go to the bathroom before the next day?

Lol, thank you.


Sweetheart....you will be going to the bathroom within an hour if you just drink some Prune Juice after your dinner.......I gaurantee it

PS It really doesnt taste that bad

Anything with a high sugar and water content should do it, apple juice etc AFTER the meal
Do not use fibre outside of a meal, it will just clog you up, the fibre should be in the meal i.e. you should eat some veg. with it.

First answer that comes to mind is prunes, or any fresh fruit. Lots of fiber, lots of water, all in one package.

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the one food that i can think off right off the back are prunes ... but that's it sry but i do know that prunes will help :)

Lots of Cardio does it for me - along with water. Also taking Castor Oil ( but it tastes yucky)

Coffee, fiber, salad, vitamin B...and prunes of course.

alot of fatening foods


Maybe drink lots and lots of water?

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