What's your favourite piece of culinary equipment?!

Question: What's your favourite piece of culinary equipment?

Spatulas because I can use it with anything ;)

I've always had a thing for egg slicers lol. As a kid I used to say it was my harp ( I was that pewr ) but I just love the magic of putting an egg on it and ..ta da.! I'm easily pleased really.

The other favourites are this odd whisk that my friend brought me back from Germany that they use for custard - I don't think it does things any better than a normal whisk but having it in my kitchen makes me look like a professional who has the inside track. I love it when people say 'Oooh what's that for?' http://culturewav.es/system/images/55227…

My real favourite though is an ancient cheese plane that belonged to my Mum, It has a beech handle that has worn shiny through decades of use. It also works perfectly 10 x better than any modern version and slices the cheese wafer thin.

I have two which I adore. The first is my Magic Bullet which I can use for nearly anything. It makes the process go so much quicker for making things. The second is my Pampered Chef chopper. It's basically the same things as a Slap Chop, and it cuts down vegetable cutting by more than half the time. It's a great time saver for soups and casseroles.

personal experience

It's a cheap wooden spatula. I use it for everything.

I also like my zester.


After a very sharp knife, then my favourite it a pair of tongs. I use them for turning stuff, I even use them for stir frying. In fact I could probably find 101 uses for them


Basic equipment I love my chefs knife...specialst equipment I love my Japanese vegetable threader

My favorite piece of culinary Equipment is my blender because i love to make yummy frozen drinks.

My food processor.It is so versatile and saves a whole heap of time and effort with just the same results.(Second favourite is my slow cooker!)

It's basic, but I'm going to say my garlic crusher. Makes working with garlic so much easier!

Can Opener,.

The pan cuz the ideas r endless :)


I love my hand held can opener.

My sister,.)

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