Have you ever had 3 pieces of cake in one day?!

Question: Have you ever had 3 pieces of cake in one day?

absolutely! more than that

Loads of times. Sometimes I've ate like half a cake. It didn't seem to do me any harm. Haha.

I am not overweight.

haha, no i get full after 1 piece, but if it's really good i get another piece(: never had 3 pieces..

Yes, but not three pieces in a row. I had one piece for breakfast,one piece for lunch,and one piece for dinner!

Maybe on my birthday as a little kid. I don't care much for cake.

EDIT But I did just eat two huge brownies.

Yes. It was a chocolate Swiss Roll during a moment of madness.

no cakes nasty :P


yes.. it was yuuuuuummmy

no thats nasty

ew no

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