How Does this Bento Box Work?!

Question: How Does this Bento Box Work?
I found this very cute bento box but i'm a little confused. Do the containers stack inside the thermos? And if it does can i take them out and fill it with soup/noodles? Also I read some reviews on Amazon and some said they were leak proof or not. Which one is it? Again, by the looks of the picture, you could probably put the thermos on one side of the bag, and containers to the other right? (do the small containers have lids too?) Im sry for all these questions btw :)


Lol, I was confused when I first saw the picture, because it looked more like a thermos than a bento box. Then I read the brand name, Ms. Bento.

Anyways, you have two plastic containers that will both fit inside the "jar" the thermos; which will then fit inside the tote bag. Both containers have lids on them, so you can stack them inside the thermos to keep warm. If you want you can store soup in the thermos, and use the two containers separately for solid foods.

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