Where can I buy liquid Rennet?!

Question: Where can I buy liquid Rennet?
I live in Ohio...what kind of store do I need to go to, to get Rennet for cheese making (cottage cheese actually)...I don't think they have that at my local grocery store!


I got mine here in Canada at the Pharmacy/Drug Store, they sell it at the back with the pharmacist, it is a small bottle and costs me $3-4 here, at the grocery store some sell a tablet one, it is called Junket, and is sold in the same area as the puddings and Jello powders ($1-2), it is in a small white box, with blue and red writing, you warm the milk, crush the tablets and sprinkle it on top, mix it in and in 5 minutes the milk has curdle/set, for cottage cheese your best to use full fat or 3.5 BF milk and a small amount of light cream to make firm curds, if you need any more help let me know.

look at other grocery stores, or buy it off the internet

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