How healthy is this meal?!

Question: How healthy is this meal?
3 small scrambled eggs
Half a tin of baked beans (haricot beans in a tomato sauce)
2 slices of white bread toast dipped in extra virgin olive oil.
Maybe some brown sauce on the side.

My mom is making me put on weight. How healthy is this meal on a scale of 0-5? Improvements?


yup... definitely good :)
but instead of dipping the toast in oil... just add like butter, or peanut butter/nutella/cheese and ham/potatoe salad etc etc on top.

Im taking this is just lunch or breakfast?
But i think its perfectly fine, and its good if your trying to gain wieght.

If you want to gain wieght though, try eatin 5-6 meals. then instead of having 3 HUGE meals... you can have like 5-6... medium sized meals.

from a scale 0 -5.. i would rate it 4. but you could try like... smoothie (with yoghurt), and oatmeal with milk, PB and a banana. thats protein,carbs,dairy and veg sorted!!

3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner.) breakfast should be quite big, as it keeps you going for the day, and lunch and dinner should be cooked meals... no silly salads.

and for snacks, you can take like chocolate or crisps... pasteries etc etc... but if you want to be healthy you can have like - fruit salad with yoghurt or ice cream. smoothie with ice cream or cream. milk shake. flapjacks. muslie bars. yoghurt/milk with cereal. toast. sandwiches. boiled eggs. trail mix. dried banana chips. dried fruit. potatoe wedges/fries. chocolate/yoghurt covered nuts/fruits. seed. nuts. granola biscuits.

For breakfast, or even lunch... you cna also make like pancakes or waffles.... and eating them with like nutella/cream/peanut butter/jam/sugar/syrup/banana/berries etc etc

or make crepes with melted cheese and turkey/or ham/ or chicken/or paprika and onion... etc etc

The baked beans are fine. If the eggs are small, that's fine then. If they're large then that might be a problem. Eggs are high in cholesterol. White bread is the unhealthiest type of bread you can get, since it's completely refined and has all the fiber stripped from it. The body treats these simple carbs basically as it would sugar, so I wouldn't say that's a good thing. If you would really like to put on some weight, stick to loading up on lean protein, and nutrient rich foods. If the eggs are large, cut down to one a day. If you want bread, go for the whole grain kinds. The healthiest kinds of foods are foods that have little to no carbs/sugar in them. Saturated fat isn't very good for the heart either. Olive oil however, is an excellent fat, and the fats found in fish like salmon are also very good for you as well. Putting on weight through building muscle and eating protein is the best option. Avoid carbs and saturated fats as best as you can.

bit of medical background

You definitely have protein covered. But there is no sign of fresh fruit or vegetable. You could do without the bread and brown sauce (why would you do that anyway???) but one slice is better than 2.

the food lack of vitamins - add some vegetable like slices of cucumber/tomato


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