Whats your fave sunday roast (meat).?!

Question: Whats your fave sunday roast (meat).?

Roast Lamb is my fave. but i like beef and pork also, cant wait for 2 today its cooking right now lol.!

It would be a roast leg of mutton (older lamb) if I could afford one and eat my way through it all, so I settle for the shank.
With that I would have roast parsnips, pumpkin, kumara, yams, potatoes (whatever I have) with that I would have some green peas, and either a home made hot minted sauce, or pan gravy.

I got yo' meat RIGHT HERE!!!

Personal experience.

Nothing better than a great rack of lamb and a big Napa Cabernet. And a nap.


Turkey or chicken. - Love it.

Not a huge fan of beef, pork, lamb.

With potatoes, gravy, peas and yorkies!

Roast stuffed squirell under glass, but only ta way that granny fixt it.- I live in the holler

grannys cookbook

Oooh has to be a tender leg of slow cooked lamb for me!! I love the flavour of lamb, and my dad makes the BEST roast potatos along side it :)

Tri Tip cooked in a crock pot with onions, carrots and potatoes. Really great.


roast lamb


Lamb, roast veggies, gravy and mint sauce.

My favourite sunday roast meant is lamb meat!


Prime rib...is that your question?

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