Should I let my girlfriend eat hamburgers and fries?!

Question: Should I let my girlfriend eat hamburgers and fries?
Okay here is the and my girl were at McDonalds. She asked me what I was getting and I told her I was going to get a quarter pounder with cheese and some fries. She said ooh that sounds good, i want to get that too. Then I told her no because it was too fattening for her and she needed to keep her trim figure. Then she was like but you are getting it, why can't I?. Then I said because I am a guy and it is okay if we gain weight but if a girl gains weight it isn't attractive. Plus guys have higher metabolisms than girls do. I told her she was my little barbie girl and I wanted her to stay that way. Most of the time she understands my logic but she was on PMS and started pouting about it. Kudos to me for still paying for lunch. I ordered her a salad. Then while we were eating I told her that she could have a burger and fries for her birthday but she said she wanted Olive Garden! Women!! Anyways her friend found out and said I was a jerk. Am I wrong here?


If I could believe for one moment that this really happened, I'd agree that you're a jerk.
But my, what an imagination!

Eh, I don't see what the big deal is as long as she isn't eating that kind of stuff too often, and come on man, you're being sort of sexist. No girl likes a fat guy, no guy likes a fat girl. Your both screwed. But I do see where you're coming from and I guess you weren't completely wrong, because a salad is a much healthier choice.

lol i hope its fake to lol if your worried about her figure and not the relationship then thats crap im not saying to feed her fatty foods all the time but you should let her have it sometimes and trust me being a girl she would be worried about her weight if she was eating that food all the time

???? my mind i guess lol

uh..yea! You should definitely be more sensitive to us women. And it was really rude of you to tell her that she was going to get fat..that's really shallow of seems like you only want to be with her if she is thin. And it's kind of controlling for you to tell her what she can and cannot eat and when she can and cannot eat it.

The honest truth, your a little bit wrong, because its not very fair if you get to eat all the lovely junk food and she doesn't;she gets stuck with a salad. You need to be fair, and you both need to work off the junk food together. So then you both stay in tip top condition.

Yeah ur wrong -don't be a douche- let her get wat she wants you communist, if you get fast food alot then she would probably get a salad herself but if you just go sometimes let her get what she's craving- tht also shows tht u only like her for her body and not for who she is- u f*cked up

God... my boyfriend's the exact same way... so hear this from a girl who's in the same position as your girlfriend -- You better change your attitude and treat your girlfriend with some respect, or you will most likely find yourself single pretty soon. f***ing sick of that s***. Now I'm pissed.

Yes let them do what she wants.

No-- she should have been in the kitchen.

Wow... with that kind of jackass attitude, you're lucky you still HAVE a girlfriend.

You sir, are an @$$hole. Just sayin'.

LOL I hope this is a fake question


YOU SICK F*************K

You are in the right here. Women need to know their place. I suggest you whip out the ol' paddle.

You need to let her eat whatever the F******* she wants. It's a free country. Her friend is right. You seem like a jerk.

Why wasn't she in the kitchen making you a sandwich?

thats kinda mean :(

anyone can eat what they want

wow ur crazy

if u want her 2 eat healthy you have 2 do that too eat fatty foods when she not around otherwise your being a hipacrit juss sayinnnnnn......... and for her birthday u would get her mcdonalds reallllly? take her to olive garden and get her a giftt causeee u just should that waskinda a bs thing 2 do...

I think the question here is "should your girlfried dump your chauvinistic, sexist *** for someone better" in which case, my answer would be yes.

A) Girls aren't designed to be your little "barbies" If you want a barbie girl, go out and buy one

B) There is no scientific evidence supporting your logic that guys have a higher metabolism than girls

C) It's just as unattractive for guys to put on copious amounts of weight

D) You shouldn't be so shallow and love your girlfriend for more than her appearance

And if you stopped to think for one second, you'd think that if she did eat the hamburger and fries, you could help her work it off...

haha funny joke! At least I think so or you re an idiot!
She should have a choice where,when,what, and how she eats her food. It HER life not yours. Unless she has a terrible eating disorder-she cane at whatever she wants. And a tip, NEVER tell a girl that she needs to "keep her trim figure" because, yes, she might have one, but she will feel controlled..and you CANT tame a human. Sure, its fattening...but if she wants it, its HER choice. Not yours. I cant even believe the Patience she has

That's what's up man jeep your ladys in check show them who is boss!

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