Should I let my girlfriend eat burgers and fries? (need objective advice)?!

Question: Should I let my girlfriend eat burgers and fries? (need objective advice)?
Okay here is the and my girl were at McDonalds. She asked me what I was getting and I told her I was going to get a quarter pounder with cheese and some fries. She said ooh that sounds good, i want to get that too. Then I told her no because it was too fattening for her and she needed to keep her trim figure. Then she was like but you are getting it, why can't I?. Then I said because I am a guy and it is okay if we gain weight but if a girl gains weight it isn't attractive. Plus guys have higher metabolisms than girls do. I told her she was my little barbie girl and I wanted her to stay that way. Most of the time she understands my logic but she was on PMS and started pouting about it. Kudos to me for still paying for lunch. I ordered her a salad. Then while we were eating I told her that she could have a burger and fries for her birthday but she said she wanted Olive Garden! Women!! Anyways her friend found out and said I was a jerk. Am I wrong here?


just trying to help there romeo?

Gee next time just tell her you only like her cause she's skinny? There are better ways of trying to keep ur girl skinny, instead of being all " don't eat that" do something more along the lines of "hey lest jog together, workout together ect". That way you both stay fit, and fat guys arnt very attractive either?

WOW O.o ... you are such a JERK. dude if she wants to eat don't starve her! i am chubby and your making people think only skinny is beautiful.. if she wants some fries or whatever LET HER. holy crap... your such a douche.... if you truly love\like her then don't judge her with her body type and how she wants to eat... JERK FACE


Complete jerk so what if she eats a burger and a fry if she gains weight so what if you actually care about her that wont matter. What you said was very superficial and shallow and this is from a skinny girl.

Life is the best teacher

As$hole! Its not like shes goin to become overly obese! God dAm. wooman?!?! R u kidding me?! It should be MEN?! always tryin to control women. And btw. Girls can control their PMSing. SO *** OFF. Hows this. Say ur mom and u went to mcdonalds and she said u couldnt get wat u wantef because u were gunna get fat and that u were her "little man" . Wouldnt u get maybe a little bit pissed ? Thnxbithcbye.

You are some kind of control freak and she can eat anything she wants. Who made you the decider of what she eats? Leave the poor girl alone. If she had a brain she would dump you fast!

This is a trick question, right? Just reading your question tells me that you don't have a girl friend, or if you do, you two won't be together long.

Yeah you are wrong. We are women and we can eat whatever the hell we want. Your lucky she hasnt left you.

yes, you are wrong. you shouldn't decide what your girlfriend eats! work out with her or something if you're so worried about her figure! -__-

First of all this is obviously a joke, but still, I hope you don't eat at McDonalds. Thats disgusting.

would you like it if she told you that she did not want you eat what you wanted

You're a guy named Yasmine .. ? Strange .. very strange ..

Wrong in so many ways.

Watch Epic Meal Time

yeah. ur a jerk. how can you think it's ok to tell your girlfriend she's gonna get fat for eating a cheeseburger?? she's allowed to eat whatever she wants. ur not her personal trainer! ur her BOYFRIEND!!! supportive no matter what!
except that you're an unsupportive jerk boyfriend...
if my man said crap like that he wouldn't get any for a month!!

and salad doesnt make you thin u stupid prick

and why the hell are you eating at McD's if you don't want her to eat a cheeseburger?
if you want her to eat "thin" food so badly, eat it with her you jerk!!!

OK here are some things you did wrong: 1) you gave yourself kudos, only other people can give you kudos, 2) if your GF wants a 1/2 pounder w/ cheese, and fries, let her have it, unless she is Morbidly Obese, then you get her a salad 3) you got the salad 4)you assumed that Guys have a faster metabolism than Girls, in some cases this is true, but the Metabolism Varies from Person to Person 5) you are overly concerned with her Figure 6) your pressuring her to Remain the same, Change is good, it may be good or bad, but it is necessary
so all in all, yes you were Wrong

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