How to convince an vegetarian to try eating meat again?!

Question: How to convince an vegetarian to try eating meat again?
First off before you start attacking me about being disrespect, and animal killer I just want to say this is just out of concern for me bf, because I care, and not trying to change him. I am not say anything is wrong being a vegetarian, but I am just concern in his situation.

I'm not really trying to change him, but I think it is better for him, because he is a big guy, and he weak and tire all the time, and he works all the time. I just think meat would be a better source of protein for energy, and hunger problems

These are just my opinions. So if you are here to attack please move on. I just need the question answer not a lecture, thanks.


Hi I wanna know,

You didn't say how long your bf has been a vegetarian but if he has been one for a long period of time I don't think it's a lack of animal protein that is making him tired. :) If he has just recently switched then it is possible that a lack of protein is making him tired.

I have to can't make people do things. It has to be HIS decision. Maybe go to the health food store together and you BOTH pick out some healthy protein drinks together...there all kinds of good ones out there now a days. Show concern for his condition without being a nag. I say that in the most endearing sense I can. :) :) :) Good luck to you both in your search for a balanced diet. :)

You can't.

It is his decision. Plus, meat is only one of many sources of protein, and by far not the healthiest one.

He is weak and tired because he works a lot.

If you want to help him,. have energy rich snacks and meals for him.

If he is set in his ways there is little for you to do, except to offer him to make something occasionally, but don't nag at him otherwise you will just make him more resolved.

Find other foods to provide him the protein he needs, and see a dietitian.

if he is weak and tired, its most probably vitamin deficiency.

Try frying bacon, and making bacon sandwiches, works every time.

GF was a veggie for 5 years, relented on a bacon sarny.

if you are vegetarian just eat thin pieces of meat you don't have to eat whole portions of meat

Don't try to convince him. It's fine to make a suggestion, but leave it at that.

Meat again? Ok, fish is meat and no veggie can give what fish gives! If we check data from around the world we learn that those who eat fish live much longer... yes, much longer than veggie advocates!

We seem to have the biggest problem when REAL science confronts our desires! We may note that because of the Liberal agenda we are not suppose to support non-Politically Correct facts! I tell them to shove it.. right? What is fact will not change because we want them to.. because of feelings! Right? Is this not the problem that one supports one gender above others? If we support feelings for feelings sake we will see tragedy after tragedy!

What you are suggesting is that you want to tell him the facts and the truth and much of media is against you.. they do not want facts.. they want your feelings supported, if you support theirs! Check it out.. it is in our face and we should tell facts! Earl

I really think you are misinformed about how healthy meat is. A balanced vegetarian diet is the healthiest and should leave you full of energy with an extra-strong immune system. If he has been a vegetarian for ten years then he would know a lot more than you about his body's needs and what works for him.

Most omnivores eat too much protein and this leads to lots of health problems like heart disease. Protein would not be the problem - especially if he is an ovo-lacto veggie.

Why don't you see a doctor with him who can test his iron levels rather than just guessing?

It is good that you are concerned for him but the arguments you are presenting just do not have anything to do with him being a vegetarian. I have tried both diets for years of my life and I know without a shadow of doubt which one is healthiest.

I'm sorry but it is his decision in what he eats and doesn't eat. But remember that if you push him too far then he might get mad at you and say that you are trying to change him, then he'll break up with you. You don't want that! If it was up to me I would let him do his thing. Maybe if you want him to be more tough when you are outside with him start throwing a football to him, or ask him if he wants to throw a ball back and forth. Then he might like that and practice until he gets better. If you still want him to eat meat then the only thing that I would do is add some small mean pieces that look like his food into his dish. But only every once and a while, to make it less obvious.

Hope that helped! (:

Shelby <3

Just me thinking. (;

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