What's you favorite ice-cream, and your least favorite?!

Question: What's you favorite ice-cream, and your least favorite?

favorite: chocolate chip cookie dough
least favorite: fish (it's real saw it on the travel channel)

chocolate chip cookie dough + mint chololate chip

Dislike: . . . . . . idk. . . . . . . sugarfree butterscotch

Favorite: soft-serve vanilla or cake batter
Least Favorite: peanut butter cup or anything chocolate based

my favorite is fried icecream or maby mint chip but my least favorite is bean flavored icecream

Butter Pecan is my go-to ice cream or Mint Chip.

No such thing as a least favorite, but not fond of ice creams with too much other stuff mixed in.

Fav- Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla
Least- Peppermint

best - cookie dough

worst - any sorbet

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