What do you think is the best frozen pizza?!

Question: What do you think is the best frozen pizza?
Don't say frozen pizza aren't good I'am asking you for your opinions not a debate.


I'd have to say Tombstone if you're looking to save money yet still have something tasty.

If you want something delicious and healthy and don't care about price, then I'd say Kashi. They're completely organic and healthy for the earth as well since everything the pizza comes in is biodegradable. The only problem is that they're expensive for frozen pizzas.

If you want pizza of a slightly better quality but isn't exactly healthy for you, then I'd say Red Barron.

personal experience

I like California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza the best. It's not quite as good as the pizza they serve in the restaurant, but it's still pretty good for frozen pizza.

Freschetta PizzAmore Supreme!

I've tried them all. California Pizza Kitchen would be my runner up.

I don't like frozen pizza's. I like papa john's pizza.

California pizza kitchen


Frozen pizza doesn't taste really good. I like fresh pizza's

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